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Need to know more or looking for an agent who can manage your Houses of Multiple Occupancy?

Look No Further

We have a team who will fly above and beyond to suit your HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) property needs!

With checked & referenced tenants, 6-12 month ASTs organised & regular checks for the safety & care of your property. It’s an Eaglegate choice.

We are available over 60hrs EVERY week of the year and have 24hr emergency contact available (Fully managed only), so it’s time to give us a call 0161 292 8630.

More Information

Communication and knowledge is key when it comes to a House of Multiple Occupation.

It also helps to have an agents opinion of area and where necessary a valuation of the rooms.

We’d like to make clear that we do not accept Houses of Multiple occupations with;

Non working residents, nor will we take on a property that would be seen as a less than commendable property to home our professional individuals in.


You may find some of the links below useful.

Depending on the area and size of the property it may be that you need a licence in order to rent out the property as a House of Multiple Occupation.

All properties must have the necessary safety features in place and we can help every step of the way!